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Architectural plans for

The Koffi Togo Cultural Center  

Koffi Togo Cultural Center Foundation

Most people around the world look to Africa

for guidance in finding their own rhythms

and musical styles due to the rich and diverse

culture and traditions the Africans have

inherited from their ancestors. However,

in recent trips back to Africa, Koffi has

noticed a huge decline in the pride of their

heritage, and a disconnection with the spiritual

side of the arts Africans once had. In an effort

to “Unite through Music, Dance & Art”, Koffi wants to instill a positive sense of self in the children and people of Africa as they are the generations that have inspired so many musically and culturally. Koffi’s dream is to create a community space where we can reconnect the African children and people to the quality and depth of their musical heritage, with an emphasis on maintaining this important cultural tradition and providing support in organically evolving the arts. Participants will learn the importance of being true ambassadors to their culture, therefore becoming quality leaders and instructors themselves so they may share this information to their future generations, as well as to more people worldwide. The space will also serve as a cultural learning center to teach and train visiting international students. And, it would provide a cultural exchange program for teachers from around the globe. 

*We are currently in phase 1 of the project. Construction of the maison, or housing facility, is well underway! Future plans include 2 classrooms, a kitchen, workshop, recording studio and theater! 

Please contact us at koffitogo@gmail.com to find out how you can make a tax deductible donation to support this incredible vision.